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What you didn’t know about Las Vegas

Everyone knows that Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the Word, but in order to really get a true feeling for this crazy rhythm you have to be there.   It is really a nonstop intense amusement machine.

Much has been written about casinos and of course it is the first thing that attracts people to this place and not just for gambling, but also for savoring their uniqueness and luxury.

What is interesting in Las Vegas? In fact, it is a fairly large city and the tourist area is divided into two parts – the new one “the Strip” (where all theme casinos like Belagio, Venice, Caesar’s Palace), as well as the old section – where everything  began. Plus, there are the usual residential areas that are no different from the rest of the “suburbanite America”.

The new part is the kingdom of luxury, which is constantly being refined. In addition to the casino itself, there are a number of other entertainment options, such as the roller coaster, the tracks of which pass between the buildings, zip-lining from the roof of one skyscraper to another, there are all the renowned  Las Vegas shows, and of course, the famous fountains of the casino Belagio. It’s expensive here, the betting limits  are high, lodging and food are also pretty steep .

The old part has an colorful vibe unlike anywhere else. Inside the casinos one can get a feel of how Vegas used to be – either by seeing the interiors for the casinos have not changed in 40 years or at Binnions Casino where a gambler can request to make any bet no matter how large (most casinos have a minimum and maximum).  The gamblers are different enjoying lower limits and the lack of glitz inside the casinos.  But step outside and you get hit with a different wow factor. The glittering light show is matched by the displays on the dome covering the main street and the shows by the various street art performers.

The new and old parts are located approximately 15 minutes apart by car and 20 bucks per taxi.

Generally gambling basics in Las Vegas  – the minimum bets for slot  machines 1 cent, for blackjack, roulette, etc. – $5.

Food. There are popular buffets – when you pay a set price and eat up how much you can. The price varies from $10-$45 The food is fresh, the choice for all tastes (from sushi to the  crabs legs). Alcohol, if you gamble, – is constantly brought for free, unless someone wants something specific, then you have to pay.

Usually, the cost of the hotel does not include breakfast, there is no coffee machine in the room or anything extra, for wi-fi you have to pay, and the connection in most places is not the best – so they make money.

Transport. Las Vegas Airport is located in the city.  From the Belagio Hotel in the center of the Strip  to the airport by car only 10 minutes. This is the original location of the airport, and they in some way found how to maintain operations there even with the dramatic increase in passengers. In the city itself because of the never ending flow of alcohol and cost of parking the only advise– -use a taxi or  Uber.

You can always find a good deal for a trip to Las Vegas. So, ours cost for two for three days was about 200 bucks, but about this in another time.

Without a doubt, this is place that one must go at least once in a lifetime and this is precisely a place where everyone will find a way to break free.

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