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My feet have walked on dozens of countries on four continents and the list is steadily increasing. My travels are both well prepared and absolutely spontaneous. My joyrneys I treat as vacations and generaly striving for comfort and affordability — getting the best value but sometimes I change the type of vacation based on my mood or opportunities. The one constant  since I started traveling – adventure. Every trip something definitely happens and I have learned to turn those memories into funny stories. Friends and acquaintances are constantly waiting for me to go somewhere and return with my stories. Even when I spontaneously travel I find the time to meticuoulsy  prepare for a trip.  Normaly I spend a few days studying various resources, searching for information, ordering, etc., to get the maximum from each trip, but even being as well prepared as I am something somewhere alwys happens to make the trip full of surprises.  My adventures just proves that you cant find everything  on the Internet .

So, I decided to structure my blogs in such a way that the reader could find in one place the most critical information: transport, hotels, food, must see places, what can be done and where it can be ordered—the full list of this and that. I tend to write from first hand knowledge, with the true costs with every point flavored with various kinds of funny stories or observations.

Well, of course, from all the trips i take a vast array of photoes which I also want to share with you.

So I hope my blog will be useful and interesting for all. May it inspire you to make a trip as travel enriches us and inevitably changes life.



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